Love: Receive it your way

Image: Joel DeMott

Let’s talk about love for a second... (That is, after all, what it all boils down to anyways, isn’t it?) Hang tight while I wrestle with this concept for a minute or two…

People can love us however they want. But we can only receive it the way we allow ourselves to receive it.

If I believe that you’re not sure of me, or you think I’m unworthy, or whatever horror story I tell myself about your evil intentions — it doesn’t matter what’s on your end of the story. You could love me to the ends of the earth, but on my end of the line, I’m in overwhelming turmoil.

And to thicken the plot (oh yeah, it gets better) we can only receive another’s love in the way that we give them ours.

Like A Course In Miracles says — words are just symbols of symbols. Lip-service is cheap. But if I show you through my actions that indignation, smallness, manipulation, etc. — this is my living word, the only ‘word’ that matters. And my living word is proclaiming that love doesn’t live here, so therefore I must game the system to make it so.

Our actions show where out heart truly is. And if my heart isn’t into it, then no matter how much you love me, it will only show up in my experience as the equivalent of the love that (1) I show you, and (2) I allow myself to receive from you.

Love is a divine, unfailing, untrickable feedback loop.

Love. We receive it as we give it.

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