The kind ones

Image: Fabian Irsara

How many people do you know that are truly happy?

My wife brought this question up the other day and it was terrifying how long we sat in silence before a name popped up. By the end of the discussion, we pin-pointed a (very small) handful of people, between the two of us, in the whole remembrance of our lives, who’ve seemed to be truly, sincerely, deeply happy.

When I say ‘happy’, I’m not necessarily talking about people who are ‘successful’, ‘agreeable’, ‘rich’ or who have ‘cool jobs’ (although these aren’t at all disqualifiers).

I’m talking… Happy. Fully at peace in the world. People who exude joyfulness on a regular basis without faking it.

So we continued our chat and we got to talking about what separates these ‘happy ones’ from the rest?

We boiled it down to one attribute that these three or so truly happy people seem to embody...


Real happiness is pure kindness — generosity of spirit.

Now, there’s a fine line between this and the “I can help you because I’m better than you” fake brand of contrived kindness that’s born from insecurity, ego, and social gamesmanship.

These people — these ‘kind ones’ as we’ll call them — are kind without fear.

What’s different about them is that we don’t walk away from them thinking how nice they are. What we get from their glow is much more profound…

We walk away from them feeling like we’re charged on life.

See, when most of us are being ‘kind’, it’s usually because (if even at a deep, subconscious level) we want something from someone. Even something as subtle as approval, love, or to impress them.

But the kind ones go about kindness with a totally different feeling-tone. They carry an underlying energy beneath their words and actions that make us — the recipients of their grace — shine brighter than we were before we were in their presence.

They do this because they need nothing from us. Their happiness is set. They’re good. They have nothing to lose because they don’t need our acceptance/love/money/etc. to be fulfilled. Since they need nothing from us, they seek, want, nor demand nothing of us.

They know Who They Are. And because of this, they can allow us to experience Who We Are through them.

How can we NOT be lit up by them? How can we not see our Spirit in their eyes? How can we not feel like gods and goddesses in their sphere? And how can that not feed right back into the love they see through their eyes?

If you could look at the world in this way, how could you possibly see anyone lesser than they are? How could you not raise the consciousness to extreme levels of every room you walked into?

Let me know when you get there so we can grab coffee.

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