Using photos for fodder

Where I’m writing from today: Hub Coffee, Reno NV (field trip from my usual create-space)

For my fellow bloggers out there who may be having issues coming up with ideas, here’s a little tip…

When I started blogging regularly, I started a Medium publication called ‘Photo Narratives’. I’ve since deleted the publication for some reason, but it was a fantastic idea. What I did was I’d hop on unsplash (where I get most photos for Higher Thoughts) pick a photo that looked cool, and write a short narrative about it. Here’s a couple that were fun (I kept the posts):


Although I’m not in the mental place of writing fictional stories much these days, you can use the gist of this idea to create really cool blog posts of your own.

Don’t forget that you have a phone in your pocket all day that you can snap a quick photo of anything with and write about it.

I’ve been doing this lately and it’s really cool. Like today, I’m writing this from a new coffee shop I’ve been meaning to check out for awhile now. When I walked in, I realized it eerily has the same layout (minus being a commercial coffee shop) as the dream house I’ve envisioned in my mind. It was really weird walking in and feeling…. at home. So I snapped a photo of it. And now I’m writing about it.

The other day, I took a quick photo of my writing area in my house and wrote about it. I asked you to respond with a photo of yours, and many of you did. It was so cool stepping into each other’s world for a bit!

Give this a shot. Snap a photo of something that you’d like to remark on and go to town. Photos make great fodder for ideas.

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