Merging the practical and spiritual

Image: Sandis Helvigs

For the longest time, I’ve been going around and around in a cycle. During the first half of the cycle, I’ll find myself for a stretch of time in a very spiritual, ethereal, philosophical place where all I want to do is meditate, visualize, think, and get in-spirited.

Then, something will happen. After mentally being up in the clouds so much, I’ll come down with a harsh thump. I’ll run short on money or become bothered with something in my life or someone will get mad at me for being aloof. The physical world will shake me awake. It’s during this moment that I jump into the second half of the cycle: extreme practicality.

When I’m in the practicality part of the cycle, I focus in on my work. I’m in ‘doing’ mode here. I stop reading spiritual texts as much, worry a bit more, and try to physically manipulate my life. It usually works okay. I get done what I need to get done. I’m usually really productive during this half of the cycle. But that other part of me slowly gets thirsty again. It’s here that I’ll abandon the practical for the spiritual and start the whole cycle over again (I feel myself doing this now, which is why I’m bringing attention to it).

See, I’m an all-in kind of guy. It’s either one way or the other for me. Living in the grey makes me itchy.

Here’s my aim — something that I’m finally recognizing after close to a decade of repeating this vicious, virtuous, polarizing cycle.

The practical and the spiritual can live happily together.

They actually feed each other. After all, what good is each one without the other? Like a battery with only a positive or a negative pole — it doesn’t work. Both must be functioning together at the same time.

This is where real power comes in — when we’re applying the spiritual to the practical and vice-versa. We’re meditating or praying with the intention of bringing these fruits into our very real dirty-hands and bill-paying life so we can apply them to our families, relationships, finances, etc. And living our day-to-day in-spirit knowing that our work there only intensifies and enhances it.

Merging these two worlds is where it’s at. Doesn’t it just feel right?

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