Where are you finding your answers?

Today, more than ever, the answers to any question can be delivered to us at light speed. We can find 351,000,000 answers to ‘What’s the meaning of life?’ in 0.64 seconds. Literally...


Sure, there’s some damn good information out there. Incredible inspiration. Stuff that’s blown me away and changed the way I look at things. I’m thankful for the power of this.

But it’s a balance. For as many answers that I’ve found out there, I also feel I’ve wasted a lot of time searching when I should have just gone with my intuition in a lot of cases.

We need to trust ourselves more.

Ahh, the intuition. This is a finely-tuned tool that many of us are losing touch with. When we don’t use it, it gets dull and it atrophies just like a muscle.

With so much information at our fingertips for free, we’re at a place in time where we need to fight the temptation to take ourselves on endless wild goose chases scouring the internet for answers. There are so many good answers out there. And so many bad ones too. It’s an endless flood of carefully (and plenty not-so-carefully) justified and articulated answers. But if we’re constantly looking ‘out there,’ we may never find the answers that already exist in our bones.

It behooves us to cultivate the practice of looking inside and trusting that wise voice within.

Sure would save us a lot of time. Will we fail? Yep. A lot? Likely? All the time? Unlikely. But at least we wouldn’t have to sit through those 3-hour podcasts with people posing as experts who are just stumbling in the dark as much as we are.

In most cases, I think we’d find that we already know. Then, we’d just have to fly with it.

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