You need some space

Here’s my space (not ‘MySpace’ like the cool website) — Starbucks Goddess coffee mug in-hand

We humans need space to create. If you’re into that kinda thing, of course.

Yes, this consists of all kinds of space — head space, emotional space, etc. — but in particular on this post, I’m talking about physical space. Like a little corner of your house, basement, attic, creepy wood shed, etc. where you can sit and get in the zone ASAP.

My space is a small area that takes up half of our dining room. It has an old vintage couch, a bookshelf, some other random shelving, and a whole lotta natural lighting. Our dining room table serves as a friendly barrier to the other inhabitants of our house (not as standoffish as a closed door — just enough to keep little toddlers at arm’s length). This place is my vortex to create in.

Well, I showed you the goods. Now let me see yours (that sounded inappropriate, but I’m not changing it just because your head is in the gutter, OKAY — sheesh). Respond to this post with a photo of the physical area in your world that you create in.

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