Setting yourself up as the higher choice

Image: Crew

It’s easy to listen to your asshole ego and put yourself in the freelance game as the ‘cheap choice’. After all, they told us growing up that we have to pay our dues first, right?

Well, the thing I learned from this interview of one of my mentors (although he probably doesn’t know it), photographer Chase Jarvis, is the value of having the b*lls to enter as quickly as possible into being the higher (aka, high-dollar) choice (after doing the work and getting good at your craft, of course).

He talks about the time, early on in his career, when he threw out an astronomical day-rate for his photography and the client went for it, no questions asked.

He did it. It scared the sh*t out of him. But look at him now. One of the best photographers in the world. Coming out of the gates in this way forced him to step up his game to that level.

He mentions that, if you position yourself as the cheaper choice because you think your clients are going to slowly raise your rate as you go (heard this one before?), you’re mistaken. They’re just likely going to drop you like a bad habit and go to the higher-priced choice when they can. After all, you’re the ‘cheap guy’ in their eyes. Hard to get that label off your back, especially in the freelancing/self-employed world.

Pretty crazy and suuuuper inspirational (the part of the interview I’m referring to is the first 30-ish minutes, but the whole thing is excellent).


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