You know what would be really funny?…

Image: Seth Doyle

You know when you’re working on something and that evil, mischievous smile suddenly arises and you think (sometimes aloud), “You know what would be really funny?….”

Maybe you’re alone. Maybe you’re rapping with your pals or your team or whatever while working through a creative problem — and maybe you’ve had a beverage or four, (not condoning it, just saying…)— and then it hits.

Wow. What if we did THAT? Ha!

Do it.

Feel that fire in your belly? Feel the heart race a little? Like you’ve just buckled in that roller coaster and have no idea what’s next, but you sit there in anticipation, jacked-up and rearing to go?

This is a huge sign, amigo! This is the work you want to ship. This is where — men and women — you need to have the cajones to move forward.

Scary? Yes. Terrifying, actually.

But this is life calling you forward. This isn’t ‘safe’ ‘tried and tested’ stuff. This is creation. An unexpected, uninhibited zeal for expression.

This is the work that’s going to make a goddamn ruckus.

What if our job was this — to ship the work that makes us laugh in a kind of excited but terrified manner? Again. And again. How interesting would our days be? How many people would we piss off? But how many people would be laughing right along side us?

Hey… You know what would be really funny?…

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