The value of sitting under a tree

Image: Ales Krivec

We need to do more conscious daydreaming. Usually, when faced with a creative problem, we tend to feel more useful if we’re getting our fingers dirty. If we’re doing the work. Sometimes, this is good. Sometimes, it’s best to just start chipping away and seeing where it leads you.

But often times, if we’re not clear on where we’re going, we can spin our wheels for hours. Days, in fact.

Sometimes it’s best to consider walking away from the desk, heading out to the back yard, and plopping your ass down under that old shade tree (or equivalent thereof) to stare off into space and think about it for a bit. To adjust your compass, if you will.

Sitting under a tree is never a waste of time.

It feels like it to our ego-driven survival-based monkey minds, but a bigger part of us knows what’s up. If you do good enough work under that shade tree, you’ll go back to the drawing board with lucid clarity and a fierce sense of direction.

Go ahead. I’ll wake you up in 20 minutes if you’re not back.

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