Blogging as weight-training

This is not a photo of me:) Image: Cristian Baron

I suggest not letting your blog become the main place you do the ‘work’. If it’s too late — if you’ve already started a blog with hopes of ‘monetizing’ it, if you have time, I suggest starting a different, personal blog away from it that you can use as a sort of sandbox to play in.

Have a place to play. A place to condition.

How many times, in an athletic endeavor, do you do the exercises from conditioning — say, squats — on the playing field? Never, right? You do them away from the field to improve your strength in general (which will, in turn, lead to better results on the field).

When we’re doing our actual work that pays the bills — it’s game time. We need to perform. But if this is all we do, we get stale. We get soft and weak. We become like the athlete that doesn’t weight train.

Make your blog your training ground for your creativity. Not the arena.

Create a place to play around. To experiment. Try the stuff that you think won’t work. Be free. Don’t worry about numbers, etc. Just try different ways you can connect with yourself and thusly your audience. Be free here. Want to write a poem? Write a damn poem. Want to write a fictional satire piece? Now you can. Want to write a listicle? Go for it.

This is your place to play. A place to drop the weights on the floor and put on those Slayer beats.

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