Poor-man’s transcendental meditation

Image: radu emanuel

For the longest time, I’ve been hearing nothing but great things about Transcendental Meditation. See, I’ve never been big on meditation. I’ve dabbled. But I’ve always fallen asleep 28 seconds into it. The thing that sounded appealing about TM is the mantra thing. I was thinking maybe reciting a mantra might help keep me awake. I can’t afford to pay some guru $2500 to show me how to meditate and give me a one-word password to my inner peace. So in the meantime, I was just going to make one up to hold me over. I just wanted to know a little bit more about how to perform the practice on a basic level to test the waters.

So, like any sensible person, I hopped on the Google machine and typed in “How to do Transcendental Meditation”. I figured I’d for sure find a simple explainer post telling me the gist of how to meditate transcendentally.

Nope. Not really.

It’s amazing how they’ve got it locked up. I mean, I realize there’s probably a ‘way’ to do it. But there’s also a ‘way’ to do a deadlift. And I can find a million different videos and articles on how to do a great one. However, for TM, all I found was content that vaguely circled around the gist of how one might do a watered-down version of TM. I saw celebrities and important people talking about what TM did for them. I saw people explain why to do TM. But nothing really on how to do it.

I set it aside. And then, a few days later right there on my Facebook feed, in creepy Facebook fashion, up popped a nifty little sponsored post featuring an app called Headspace. I downloaded it for free on my phone, and these last few weeks, I’ve been loving this little meditation. It’s not TM (I think they just call it mindful meditation), but it’s great. It only takes 10 minutes and this British dude’s voice calmly walks you through it. No mantras, no postures. No ambient music.

I can honestly say that I can noticeably tell a difference in my headspace (yes, they nailed it with the company name) when I do it in the morning compared to when I don’t. I feel more calm, more focused, more alert, and more… me.

Thanks, Headspace. But as for my readers out there, can SOMEONE please hook me up with a simple layout/example of how to do Transcendental Meditation? I’m sure it’s more complex than that. But all I want is a taster. I’m still interested.

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