The magic in the asymmetric

Image: Ashim D’Silva

When Alex and I were dating, I was a day-trader (aka — glorified lottery addict) in the Forex markets. I was doing it on the side for about a year and was doing okay. I made money at it, which is saying a lot. We were engaged. The plan was to quit my job, move out to Chicago where she was going to school, and take day-trading full-time.

I remember doing the math before making the leap from my long-time, secure, full-time job as a golf professional and thinking that, if day-trading didn’t work out, we’d likely go broke, get a divorce, and I’d die on the streets, homeless and alone in Chicago, while she’d move back in with her folks.

We got married in August, 2008. The day I started trading full-time was the day the markets crashed in mid-September of that year. Yes, it sucked. Hard. But we didn’t split up (she’s crazy), we didn’t starve (close), I didn’t become homeless (closer), and I didn’t die on the streets of Chicago.

It worked out. Against the math. It didn’t pencil out this way. But here we are. Doing just fine. I have no idea how it worked out, but it did. Against my better logic.

This is what I’ve been thinking about today... Asymmetry. Things that don’t add up. Another example (which I wrote more about here) is how we end up having more time the more we slow down. Doesn’t make sense, right? When we’re rushing, rushing, rushing, we’re always late. Always pushing. But when we consciously slow down, things fall into place around us.

There’s magic in these things. Little high-fives from the universe to help us along. And I’ll take all I can get.

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