Don’t write like you think ‘writers’ write

Image: Dino Reichmuth

Just a quick one today. Why is this so hard to do?…

“Relax, stop thinking, write with your lightning fingers, write like you think and speak and dream, not like you think Writers write; write with the cadence and music of all the hymns and fables and songs and poems and curses and slurs you ever heard swirling in your memory; write fast and let the sentences sprint and whirl as they will. You can always tinker later; you can always give up snarling and feed the draft to the fire; but you cannot always catch the way something spills out of your belly and your bones through your fingertips onto the page, unless you learn to let go, turn off your brain, take ideas and feelings out for canters on the open beach of the empty page and see what happens.” 
— Brian Doyle

(Thanks, again, for sending this my way, Krithika Rangarajan)

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