The bottom of the ‘U’

Image: Wil Stewart

I’ve seen this analogy a few different places lately, so I’m not sure who to credit, but the concept is definitely not coined by me.

What this means is, any creative journey is usually U-shaped. Like hiking down through a deep canyon and up the other side. You see a path that leads down a steep hill, you follow it, and you descend fairly quickly.

Gravity and momentum move your feet along. But then you hit it. The canyon. The lowest point in the journey where the brush is thick and thorny and the snakes slither across your feet. When you set up camp, you can hear the Timberwolves planning your demise.

This is where most people bail. It really, really sucks. You start questioning what this whole thing is for.

You know the trail ascends up the other side just ahead. You know that the trail will appear beneath your feet, the clouds will part, and the horizon will expand. But right now, you can’t sleep, you’re hungry, you have blisters on your feet, and you’re questioning the whole damn thing.

Feel like going further?

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