Your very own, personal time warp

Image: Won Young Park

What I’ve noticed lately is, the faster I rush, the quicker time goes by. It’s like, when I speed up, those hands on the clock seem to move faster (I swear they do).

I’ve been playing with something lately that you might enjoy too. WARNING: This is not for the faint of heart. It’s bold. Brave. (Insert another ‘b’ word here for alliteration purposes.)

Whenever you feel yourself rushing: you know, when you get that zap from the evil side of your mind that tells you to go faster — FASTER! —I want you to try something…

Do the opposite. Consciously slow down.

You’ll feel like you’re going against everything good and holy on this earth. You’ll feel like you’re defying the heavens above and blaspheming the gods of productivity. But you must be brave, my fellow time-bender.

Seriously. If you slow down right when you’re anxiety is picking up, it’s pretty crazy what happens. You’ll… finish. Usually on time. Actually, if your experience is like mine, you’ll finish AHEAD of time. Way faster than you did if you were rushing.

When we rush, we activate the frantic, nervous, fight/flight part of ourselves to do the task. You wouldn’t want some nutty, frightened, crackhead doing your job for ya, would you? No. Nothing is ever more efficiently done that way.

Time slows down for us when we slow down.

This is no sh*t. I’ve been experimenting with it, and it works.

Now, there IS a balance. If you just stop, then you’ll fall behind. It’s finding that balance. Not rushing. But not totally dragging your feet. You’re active, but not frantic. I know, I sound a lot like this guy, but you gotta trust me…


Feel yourself rushing? Stop. Regain control. Go at a smooth, steady, tranquil pace. You’ll feel the clock slow down and your work become a lot less heart attack-inducing. Heck, it may even become enjoyable.

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