On blue-collar work

Image: Matthew Wiebe

It always seems to work this way… Let’s see if I can get this right:

  1. We find a thing we like.
  2. We dabble in it.
  3. We get deeper into it, even obsessing about it.
  4. We try like hell to make a living out of the thing to achieve some kind of lifestyle/business balance. Because this thing doesn’t seem like work.
  5. The thing turns into another j-o-b.
  6. We get burned out on it and look for the next thing that won’t be like so much of a j-o-b.

This is something we need to get through our heads...

Unless we find ourselves in one of those lotteryesque situations — through stock options, huge royalties, or actually winning the damn lottery — whatever we do will eventually turn into a j-o-b.

Even the most enjoyable kinds of work will come along with a blue-collar aspect.

I didn’t used to understand this concept and I ruined a lot of my favorite past-times that I tried to turn into careers. Wish I woulda known this then.

I mean, I love writing. But sometimes, it’s work...

Client work. Daily blogs when I’d like to just go to sleep. Deadlines. Stuff like that.

But it’s okay, because I’ve accepted it. And it’s worth it to me. Because if it wasn’t the blue-collar in this, it’d be the blue-collar in something else.

So, my question to you is, what kind of work can you do where the blue-collar stuff is tolerable?

What hammer are you willing to swing?

Here’s your lunchpail. Time to get back at it.

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