The movement of your life

Image: Samuel Zeller

It’s easy to see life as a series of destinations (goals)which are created and worked towards. Like stops on a train, each one is unique, but left behind as the train moves towards the next one.

We’re such a goal-oriented society here in the US, sometimes it’s nice to take a break from the constant goal-setting and chill out a bit.

This is what writing does for me. It forces me to take stock of the movement of my life that’s happening right now. My job on these daily postings is to notice things and explain them to you. This makes me move through my world differently. With open eyes.

What’s the current pulse? What am I up to en-route to the next goal? Why not just look out the window of the cabin and check out the scenery in front of me right now?

Each goal — each stop — is just a blip in time. The majority of our life is spent flying down the rails. If we don’t take note of the biggest part of the journey — the part that’s happening right now — it’ll just… pass us by.