It’s all rigged in your favor

Image: Alice Donovan Rouse

We don’t really know if this is true, do we? Then why do we so often live like the cards are definitely stacked against us?

But what if it truly was?

What would tomorrow look like if I woke up knowing — not hoping… knowing — that no matter what came up in my life, it was part of a grand plan that would eventually fall in my favor?

Would my posture change? 
Would the tightness in my shoulders loosen? 
Would that slight scowl on my face that I get when I think no one’s looking soften? 
Would I open up more? 
Would I trust more? 
Would I be more generous? 
Would my breath deepen?

I think so. In fact, I know so. And what would happen then?

Might I be able to see and take advantage of more opportunities?
Might I embrace risk more?
Might I pay more attention to the people who matter to me?
Might I be less paranoid?
Might I perform better?
Might I be able to celebrate my life more fully?
Might I be able to live in the present moment instead of in some contrived mental nightmare?

Yeah… Yeah.

I’d rather anticipate a future like this. So it is. Whattdya say? This whole damn thing is rigged in our favor.

(HT: Rumi)

[Jonas Ellison is a spiritual writer, teacher, practitioner, and an interfaith minister-in-training. He helps people transform their lives through applied spirituality while documenting his journey along the way. To subscribe via email to his updates and exclusive content, click here.]