The power of ‘we’

Image: Gerrit Vermeulen

The other day, I wrote about the power of ‘I’ (you may want to read that one before moving on for context). SO, in order to practice the mental gymnastics of being able to hold two thoughts in my head at the same time (look, Mom!), I want to talk about the power of ‘we’.

Here’s what I wrote the other day…

‘We’ is nice because it unites us. It’s comfy. It claims you and I are in agreement over this idea. I can stay more removed from the topic because I can only go so deep when dragging you down the rabbit hole with me.

‘We’ is powerful when we don’t necessarily want to be the main topic of the piece, but instead want to highlight the idea. When the spotlight is shining on us, it’s possible (although not always the case) for attention to be pulled away from the thing we’re talking about.

Now, ‘we’ is never for everybody. When you say ‘we’, you’re only talking to those who can get behind the idea you’re showcasing. Some readers might take offense. But you must kindly remind them that it’s nothing personal — they’re simply not a part of the ‘we’ you’re talking about.

Sometimes ‘we’ is refreshing. Sometimes I don’t want to know about the author of the piece. Sometimes I just want you to cut to the chase and tell me what you’re thinking about x. For this, ‘we’ is useful.

So… Rock on with that ‘we’. Sprinkle in some ‘I’. Whatever you want. You’re baking this cake, I’m just waiting to eat it. It does help, however, to know where each one fits in:)

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