The disheartening search for the perfect map

Image: Jake Hills

I know better, but that doesn’t stop me.

It’s amazing, when I stop and look, how often I scour the world in search for the dummies guide. The map. The thing that will tell me just what I should do and how to do it.

But most every time I read something of this nature, I’m disappointed because it’s just… not… how I want to do it.

It’s insane, really. I know that I need to just… go… but my lizard brain wants to be damn sure I’ll be safe and everything will turn out perfectly before I make any ‘rash decisions’.

Does fear have you searching for the dummies guide too?

Sometimes dummies guides, maps, and step-by-step instructions are helpful...

When learning to play an instrument, it’s nice to know basic chords and how to read the notes.

When learning a martial art, it’s great to understand the kata.

When learning how to run, we have no option but to figure out how to crawl, then walk first.

There is a progression...

But there comes a time — not too long after getting those basic tenets of your ‘thing’ down — where you just have to set the book down, put one foot in front of the other, and realize that no matter how shaky your footsteps are, you are doing the thing. Your wobbly knees and sore hips will soon adjust into strength and sure-footedness. It’s then that you’ll start flying.

(HT to Robin Rice for this one)

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