And then, I can rest

Image: Benjamin Combs

The pull to be safe and at rest is incredibly powerful. Looking closely enough, it seems to be an underlying commonality at the base of many of my motivations, especially when I’m acting from ego.

Life can seem like a tightrope we walk… Barely staying upright, gazing over at the abyss on both sides, nervous, tight, shaking, wobbling, heart racing and palms sweating as we tip-toe towards the other side where we can lay down on the platform and just… be… safe.

Ah, to feel safe… To not be scared I’m going to die, or starve, or become ostracized by my friends and family. Sometimes this feels like asking so much.

But this whole state of being we spend so much time yearning for — what if it wasn’t the goal? What if it was the starting point? What if we sat down and found that place of safety and rest this very instant without needing any reason at all?

What if we just threw the gauntlet down and claimed it?

Let me tell you a secret… No one would stop us.

I suggest making this proclamation right now. Start from that restful place. Express your life from that place of rest and return to it to charge your batteries and to get refreshed so you can go back out and soar from those high heights again.

And know you can always sink back into it when you get up too high and your knees begin to shake.

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