Letting the parade go by

Image: Yolanda Sun

You know the routine... You have a great insight. Maybe you become ultra lucid on a goal, perhaps clarity emerges about a relationship, or you’re just feeling particularly… groovy, at this moment.

So, you go about your day, feeling fine, vibing like you’ve never vibed before, and WHAM! Before you know it, you’re nose to nose with a thought that sits contrary to your new, bright, and shiny one. All of a sudden, your focus is drawn to it like a moth to a flame, and you’re right back in the same fear-based thinking you carried before the new, good thought came around.

So what do you do? If you’re at all self-aware, you start monitoring your thoughts to make sure that the bad ones stay out and the good ones stay in.

Again, this lasts long enough until the dam breaks and you’re soon flooded with negativity, fear, and bad juju.

Do this enough and it starts to feel hopeless. Like improving our lot is impossible. Sure, the euphoria lasts a few minutes/hours/days, but before we know it, we’re vibrating at the same low frequency we were before.

I’m here to take the pressure off. Check this out… A TON of your thoughts are nothing but mental shadows dancing through your psyche like a parade of insanity.

There’s a high number of thoughts running through your head right now that have nothing to do with you.

Where do the urges, tendencies, and thoughts come from that keep us in low-level thinking/existing?

Honestly, I don’t know. And I don’t care. The point is, we can’t blame ourselves for thinking those thoughts. We have to step back, look objectively at them, and realize that we’re not them and they’re not us. We do not have to claim ownership of them. We can let them float right by (some, easier than others), and choose new ones to replace them with. These are both worthy efforts, but the fact remains that we’ll still have those dratted thoughts flying back and forth upstairs (at least to some degree).

Let them go. Allow them to pass. Laugh at them if you can. Don’t zoom in on them or take them seriously/personally. Instead of wasting your valuable mental/emotional attention on them, see them as the mental mirages they are.

Keep up that new thought. Don’t give up on it. You’ll think you’re changing your mind away from it, but you’re not. That voice that’s telling you that you are is to be ignored. Give that thing the biggest cold shoulder you’ve ever given and trudge forward, fellow warrior poet. Place your focus on the things that will add to your life rather than take away from it.

Let the parade go by. It will pass soon enough, and all will be clear again.

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