Mad is the fun emotion

Image: Dominik Lange

Rory, my 2-year-old daughter, is turning into quite the actress. We’ve been watching Frozen a bit — okay, a lot — lately, and she loves getting emotionally into it. When the characters (especially Elsa), experience fear, she hides her eyes and acts out the part of being scared. When Elsa is happy, Rory’s eyes light up and a smile shoots across her face as she expresses pure joy shared with this cartoon character.

But her favorite one is when Elsa gets fired up…

During that scene when Elsa sings the infamous ‘Let It Go’ song, she finishes it up with the chilling verse, “The cold never bothered me anyway,” before she furiously slams the door.

Rory gets that same fire in her eyes and even adds a growl to it for emphasis while holding the pose of slamming a door.

After the movie, we continued this little game of emotions during her bath. As she sat there splishing and splashing, she said, “Hey Dad, Mad!” and she furled her brow and clinched her fists in anger before growling, “Rrrroooaar!” (yes, she actually roars).

“Show me happy,” I said, to try to lighten the mood.

“Haappyyyyy!” she exclaimed, as she smiled wide.

But then she went right back to it, “Mad, raaaawr!”

“Show me sad,” I said, with a moping look on my face and slouched shoulders.

“Sshhad,” she said (yes, her speech impediment is adorable right now), with a flipped-out lower lip and sad eyes.

But then again, she went right back to, “Hey Dad, maaaad! Raaawwrr!” showing her claws like the monsters in Where the Wild Things Are.

Mad is the fun emotion.

I was slightly puzzled as I watched her consistently flip back to angry, but then, as usual, I realized that I do the same damn thing.

In all honesty, getting fired up and pissed off is a lot of fun. Sure, in the moment, it may come off as torment. But tell me there isn’t some serious theatrics when you flip off that motherfu*ker in front of you in traffic and proclaim to the gods above all of the heinous acts you’d love to inflict on him if you could.

I’m not saying it’s bad, I’m merely pointing it out. Getting pissed off is a great time. Rrrooooaaarr!!!

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