Never forget the ground

Image: Hannah Morgan

We get so involved with the nonsense in our head. Our frenzied thoughts fly around up there like little frantic fairies on angel dust.

One minute we’re mad, the next we’re elated, then we’re scared, and calm, and back to angry, and on and on.

At a certain point, it all begins to look really important.

So what do we do? We focus in more.

Meanwhile, we forget about the ground.

Yet we must never… forget… the ground.

Beneath all the extraneous thoughts flying around in our heads is a ground of beingness that supports everything.

When we find ourselves caught up in the madness of our thoughts, we just need to drop our shit for a second, let ourselves float (or even crash, sometimes) back down to the ground, where we can lay down, spread our arms, close our eyes, and let our full weight rest.

It’s transformative, healing, nurturing, and rejuvenating.

We must trust the ground. It’s always there. No matter how frantic we may be. No matter how far from home we think we are or how separated from love we think we’ve travelled.

The ground is always a thought away. Right beneath our proverbial feet. It has a healing effect all of its own if we just allow it to carry us.

New thoughts spring up from its fertile soil. Solutions are hardly ever in our head. They’re usually found during moments of peace and tranquility. Moments when we’re on… the ground.

Is it time to find the ground?

Ahhh. Feels nice, doesn’t it?

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