Goals as starting points — not destinations

Image: Tim Eplinius

There it is. Your bright, shiny goal. It’s spotless. Perfect.

But there’s one, big problem…

It’s far off in the distance. And usually, the closer we step towards it, the further it moves away.

Like the carrot in front of our nose, it gives us something to point at, but getting there usually leaves us feeling dejected and low-spirited when we never... quite… reach it.

“A goal is not a place to get to. It’s a place to come from”
-Rich Litvin

Starting with a far-off goal is okay. We gotta have something to shoot for. But always turn that far-off goal into a starting point. So…

Instead of,
I’m going to lose 20 pounds by Christmas, 2016
I am done eating french fries and accompanying my meals with Mountain Dew.

Instead of,
I will get into a better relationship this year.
I am a secure, confident person and I reflect that onto all my relationships.

Just a small shift in how we set our goals can make for big change in the present moment. Not in some far-off, unreachable future.

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