Silent awareness

Image: Dino Reichmuth

Think back to the last time your were in a flow state. In the zone.

You might have been jumping to catch a pass in front of thousands of cheering fans. Maybe you were having a deep conversation with a client or a loved one. Perhaps you were delivering a speech to thousands of people in the audience, or millions of people online. Or maybe you were just washing dishes or mowing the lawn...

Whatever it was you were doing, in the midst of it, you felt an unshakeable stillness that gave vibrancy and fullness to the moment. The voices in your head were shut off, and you were more alive than you’ve ever been.

Silent awareness is alive in you, always.

Not silence in opposition of speaking, action, etc. But silence that is present amidst the noisiness and chaos.

This is silent awareness. It refreshes and enlivens us. And it’s available to us always. Whether we’re setting up to a golf shot or shuffling paper.

All it takes is a remembrance of it, and you’re there.