Don’t get too caught up in the map

Image: Dariusz Sankowski

Ready for an attempted metaphor? Great, here we go…

This stuff that I and many others write about — things of the human potential / spirituality / philosophy type — these are just maps.

They’re models of an idea. Various structures. They come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, and scents. Some are more useful than others in certain situations. Some are useless today, but next year or next month, they end up being just what you needed.

Just know something... No map can beat your GPS. That thing that’s built into your soul that tells you when to turn, how far you have to go, etc. This is what each of us must ultimately get used to using.

Spirituality hasn’t caught up with technology yet. We’re still pretty heavy map-users (although we’re getting there).

Now, sure, when you don’t have a signal, maps can be life-savers. So don’t toss out the map.

But just know that no blog post you read — heck, no book you read — is the gospel truth. The one way to look at it.

Just work on honing in that GPS signal of yours. And have fun with the maps on your way there.

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