Emotional investment

Image: Madeline Gibbs

You know what they say (heck, I even say it a lot)...

“Thoughts create your reality.”

It’s an age-old cliche in the New Thought / Personal Development world. Knock it as much as you want, but it’s true. However, when you really sit with this idea, it can be terrifying...

Crap, I just thought about that guy’s head exploding. 
Stop it, stop it, stop it.

If we take this concept too far, we’ll find ourselves monitoring every single thought and spending our valuable mental energy on berating ourselves for all the horrible things we’re ‘manifesting’.

Well, I just want to say, you can chill a bit when it comes to this whole thing. Because here’s the deal…

Without your emotional investment and agreement, a thought, in and of itself, is impotent.

Yep, impotent. Flaccid. Limp. (It’s my blog and I can use as many borderline suggestive words that I want — we’re all adults here, right?)

But charging those thoughts with emotion, enthusiasm, and energy is like creative Viagra (okay, I’m done now).

That said, a little monitoring is a good thing. Because if we’re not careful, we‘ll find ourselves charging some of the wrong thoughts with our power.

Keep a sharp eye. But don’t freak out about it too much.

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