We are houseflies

Image: Robert Kresse

I recently read something that blew my mind. Sound waves that are below 20 cycles per second or above 20,000 cycles per second cannot be detected by human beings. As for our visual senses go, we are able to detect wave forms only between 380 and 680 milli-microns. Above or below this range, and it’s invisible to us.

We perceive only a small portion of physical phenomenon as determined by our genetically granted neurological conditions.

Isn’t this nuts? There’s a whole world of activity going on right now that we can’t even see/touch/taste/smell/hear.

It reminded me of a housefly. The fly can’t really see details in the same way we do. It sees a mosaic of blurry shapes and infrared heat, but that’s it.

Then I thought, maybe we’re more like the housefly than might seem comfortable.

And then I thought about God (naturally, because who wouldn’t bring God into this equation?). Maybe God is to us like the human is to the housefly. And then, maybe there’s something above that and above that, ad-infinitum.

We’re all just flying around just waiting to be swatted.

I’m going to bed. This is ridiculous.

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