As long as you know it’s your fault

Image: darylgio agoncillo

Is it just me who — when faced with a threat to my ego from the demands of another person (especially a loved one) — would rather surrender and sabotage myself so that the other person feels guilty rather than stick with and try to work out what’s best for me?

The latter sounds so painful — life-threatening, in fact — to the ego.

To go to a Higher place means death to the ego.

The ego takes drastic measures to ensure its safety, even if it nearly kills its host body, much like a parasite.

The inner-monologue from the ego goes something like this…

Well, if they won’t let me do it, I’ll show them. I’ll show them how hard I can bleed so that they have to stand there in front of everyone with my blood on their hands.

As painful as this may seem, it’s totally a selfish act (with a small ‘s’). A true Selfish act (with a big ‘S’) would be to sit through it with this other person and truly work to find a win-win. To stand by our higher truth instead of throwing our hands up in the air and saying, “Fine, have it your way. Just watch me sit here and brood and sulk and bleed and whimper in front of you (just know it’s your fault).”

It hurts to consider the high road. Amazing how hard the ego dies.

Or is that just me?

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