The shifting fixation of reality

Image: Kevin Fernandez

We take such strong ownership of our thoughts and beliefs.

But really, they’re not things we can own because they have no ultimate reality. They’re just there — ideas of our past projected forward, time and time again, re-hashed and re-hashed again and again.

And we call this reality.

Our thoughts have no ultimate reality.

These thoughts show up and are one thing. And then they morph into something entirely different moments later.

Take the room you’re sitting in right now. Look around for a sec. Now, if your memory was swiped clean, you’d look around and be in an entirely different room. Really.

What does all this mean? I’m not exactly sure. Maybe it points to the idea that we shouldn’t take anything to be as concrete as we sometimes do.

Maybe we shouldn’t lean on that crutch that’s about to crumble at any moment. Perhaps we should open up a bit to an expanded version of reality.

Whatever we do with this concept, I suggest we have fun with it. It’s the kind of thing that can drive you bonkers if you get too fixated on it.

Play with those thoughts of yours. See how you can move them around, build them up, or toss them out of the 5th floor window.

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