The god of our experience

Image: Anders Jildén

With a small ‘g’, of course. Because we really do create how we experience our experience.

Now, mind you, we can’t directly change the experience of anything/anyone else. We can’t reverse the rotation of the planet at will or stop a speeding bullet with our mind (unless, of course, you’re Morpheus).

We can’t directly change someone else (we may get lucky and influence them to change their own mind, but we still can’t jump into their experience and switch things around).

Most of the time, we can’t even change what we experience.

But how we experience this strange world is what we have full sovereignty over.

How we experience our experience is like putty in our hands.

The bugger is how easily we forget this. We can hear it or read it over and over, but for some reason, we live like we’re at the mercy of our experience rather than at the steering wheel.

I think it just takes repetition. After we forget, we remember or are reminded, so we live like the gods that we are for awhile before we forget again. Soon, after so many cycles or lifetimes or what have you, that light shines brighter and brighter until it stays on more often than it’s off.

Here’s another reminder. Just doing my small part.

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