Letting the world in

Image: Simon Wijers

How do you look at the world. I mean, literally. How do your eyes focus on the world?

Most of us pierce the world around us with our gaze. We impose ourselves onto our surroundings. It’s an outward expression. Like we’re aiming something at something.

When we look into someone’s eyes, we look AT them. It’s a very active, almost aggressive act.

Give this a shot…

Try inverting your gaze and see how the world feels.

When you’re talking to someone and making eye contact, relax your brow and soften your gaze. Not in a creepy way. Don’t make googly eyes. We’re talking subtle here.

Let them in.

Allow your gaze to be receptive rather than imposing.

As you move through your day, absorb the world around you. Drink it in through your eyes.

This is what infants do. Looking into an infant’s eyes is like glancing into a mirror of your soul. There is no agenda. Just pure in-the-moment presence.

I think you’ll find you’re more observant that way. You’ll probably actually hear what people say rather than planning your next word like a chess game 2, 3, or 4 moves out. And, on a totally utilitarian note, your eyes won’t dry out as fast.

Let the world in. Open up. Just try it.

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