Escaping from darkness: 2 steps

Image: Chen YiChun

A Course In Miracles says the escape from darkness consists of two stages…

  1. Recognizing darkness cannot hide
    This can be terrifying. It’s when we realize that we can’t just shove our fears into a far corner of our soul in the hopes that they stay there. Eventually, we see that when we attempt this, the shadows always manage to come out and spook us when we least expect it.
  2. Seeing the needlessness of hiding the darkness
    Here, we step into courage as we work towards consciously bringing light to the darkness. We jump out of bed, turn on the light, throw back the sheets, open the closet door, and see for ourselves that the monsters under the bed were merely figments of our ill-used imagination. We then become willing to hide nothing because we’ve tested our powers and proved to ourselves that when we bring awareness, love, light, and empathy to the darkness, it vanishes.

In step one, we enter into fear. In step two, we’re released from it.


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