Your body is an anchor to the present

Image: Korney Violin

But most of our day is mentally spent outside of it. We’re way over there and years in the past and decades in the future, but we’re hardly… ever… here.

Try bringing awareness to your body as much as possible throughout your day. Set the timer on your phone for every hour. When it goes off, take a moment and come home.

Feel this incredible, intelligent, regenerative machine you’re at the controls of. Move your fingers. Wiggle your toes. Open your eyes. If you’re walking, feel your body propel you forward — the numerous, uncountable moving parts all working in sync to get you where you’re going.


This thing — this body of ours — is a bridge between our inner and outer environments.

A majority of our day is spent absent from our bodies and the present moment.

We abandon them. We’re gone. Checked out.

When we’re present in our bodies, we add life and light to the all-powerful moment.

This is the power of awareness. Where attention goes, energy flows. The eternal present moment. What a lovely place to be.

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