Shooting for fifty-one percent

Photo: Buzac Marius

I get this one a lot…

There’s no way you’re as happy/fulfilled as you come off on the blog.

It’s true. I gotta admit, I’ve murdered a lot of my demons, but I still have those dark nights of the soul just like anyone. I have plenty of flaws and foibles. I can be rude. Foul. Inappropriate.

I’m no beacon of perfection by any means, and I never will be in this human form. As a matter of fact, I couldn’t define ‘perfect’ if I had to.

But let me tell you where I’m coming from and why I write this stuff every day.

Ernest Holmes said this…

“When fifty-one percent of your thinking is health and life and power, that day the fifty-one percent will swallow up, erase, kill out the rest. “
-Ernest Holmes

These writings are my daily practice to consciously level-up my thought to, hopefully, someday, reach that 51% (I’m actually shooting for higher, to be honest, just to give myself some cushion). I’m getting close, I can feel it.

I don’t like the darkness. I prefer to stay above it. But I know me. And I know I’ll slip back into it if I’m not careful.

Fifty-one percent. I think we can do this, right?

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