Awareness => relaxation => awareness…

Image: Daniela Cuevas

This is the continuum…

Awareness precedes relaxation. 
Relaxation deepens awareness. 
(And the loop continues.)

Maybe this will help you next time you’re meditating/driving/having sex/operating heavy machinery/lighting fireworks/opening a champagne bottle/doing your work/talking to someone.

This is my New Year’s resolution. To bring more awareness to my life. To be fully present in whatever I’m doing. And to relax into it.

Ever try this? Ever try slowing down and being fully in your body as you move through your day? If so, you’ve probably found that you move differently. You’re just… there. You move with relaxed volition and intent rather than robotic stiffness. Life feels fresh as opposed to a routine. Problems dissolve. Tension vanishes.

Isn’t it strange how we’re hardly ever… here?

I made this my resolution because there’s so much of my life that feels so automated. I want to experience more than just going through the same motions I’ve gone through for decades.

I aim, in the new year, to bring awareness to my life, to ease into it, and to revitalize it. To massage the knots and kinks out of it. And to open up some doors that I’ve yet to open and close some that should have been slammed shut long ago.

Here’s to your 2016. Eyes wide open.

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