This is your purpose

Photo: Tony Naccarato

In just a few days we’ll be setting goals and resolutions for the new year. A lot of us (including myself) will be focusing on our purpose in life.

Ugh, it hurts just thinking about it.

However, I have something for you that’s been helping me out lately…

This is your purpose. Right here. Right now. Wherever you find yourself.

Your purpose, my purpose, everyone’s purpose is one thing — to be fully present.

To be an instrument which life can flow through and pour into the greatest expression of itself in the physical world at every moment. Whether you’re mowing the lawn, saving lives, or being a parent/partner/friend, make whatever you’re doing at this moment your ultimate life’s purpose.

This puts you in the mindset of power.

When you bring intense presence to the moment, the world beats down your door.

This is when you’ll likely find that ‘thing’ because you won’t be in a mindset of seeking, lacking, or stressing. You’ll be in a place of already being found. Of fulfillment. And all good things will be added onto you.

So if you’re thinking about New Years resolutions, set that whole thing down for a moment. Pump the brakes on feeling anxious about next year. Stop punishing yourself for not being this and not being that.

If you want to get into goal-setting, weight-losing, and abundance-boosting on New Year’s Eve, have at it.

For now, just be here. Be fully and enthusiastically here. This is our purpose.

**Inspired by Rev. Karen Neuweiler, Center for Spiritual Living, Reno.

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