Walking on ice

Photo: petradr

I slipped and (almost) fell on ice the other day. Somehow, my cat-like reactions kicked in and I was able to save myself through a violent contortion of my hips and flailing of my arms. No physical injuries were sustained, but there was a big dent in my ego as I spilled coffee all over myself.

Have you ever slipped and/or fell on ice? Then you know the hopeless feeling of gravity and inertia and all the other laws that come into play when the friction is lost between your feet and the ground. Just that feeling , it comes up suddenly, and before you know it, you’re in a literally slippery situation.

However, when we’re mindful of the positioning of our bodies and take careful steps, carrying our shoulders over our hips and hips over our feet, and we move mindfully, we’re usually fine.

But that slippery feeling — when I encountered it the other day, it reminded me of something. It reminded me of how I carry myself through my day sometimes, not in a physical way, but in an emotional, intentional way. Totally misaligned and on the verge of slipping and falling on my face.

You know how, sometimes, you can be talking to someone or dealing with a certain situation, and you just know you’re proverbially slipping and falling on your face? You’re not in alignment with your greater truth at all? Like, who is this speaking these words through my mouth? Not me. Not the version of me I want to be, at least…

It’s just like walking onto that patch of ice. Totally unaware and unconscious. The moment happening to me — not the other way around.

I’ve been talking about alignment a lot lately. It’s super important. When we’re mindful, present, and unwavering in putting our best foot forward— when we happen to life instead of letting life happen to us — we skate through unharmed. We don’t tense up, get distracted, or move too sporadically. Instead, we move through life with optimum traction.

These stains aren’t coming out.

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