Celebrating the spark

Photo: Kelley Bozarth

Whatever you’re celebrating today (or not celebrating) — doesn’t matter. You have your thing, and that’s awesome. Just try one thing at some point this beautiful winter day…

Feel that spark within you and celebrate it.

I know… Sounds like hippy-dippy nonsense. But really, there is this Presence in the center of all of us — this spark that ignites us.

I hope we can all celebrate this today, at some level, in some way.

The spark unifies all of us and animates our world through our humanity. It’s what makes us do the crazy stuff we do — from the profane to the beautiful.

All of it is driven by a spark.

Sometimes our contact with the spark gets gummed up. We crank the ignition of life only to hear it turn and turn and turn. We lay our head on the proverbial steering wheel in disappointment knowing we’re stuck again.

If you’re on the side of the road today — figuratively or literally — know that the spark is still there. Take this opportunity to close your eyes (when you’re done reading this, of course), take some deep breaths, and clear that connection so that bad boy fires up again. It just takes one miraculous moment to reignite your spark and get back on the road again.

Know that you always have conscious contact with this spark. When it dies, all you have to do is notice it again. That’s all. Just recognizing it’s there and acknowledging it brings it back alive every time.

It’s never out. But sometimes we are.

Here’s to your spark.

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