Lean into it

Photo: Matthew Wiebe

There’s a certain part of ourselves that wants to just lean back and glide through life. To be taken care of. To shirk responsibility and place the blame on others. And to shy away from our greater abilities.

When we submit to this thing — this inner screaming child — we lose our… muchness. People around us get stressed because we place our responsibilities on their laps and walk away. Things fall through the cracks. We fall behind. Soon, years and years go by. And we lose trust of those we love.

You can always lean further into life.

Sure, it’s nice to withdraw and relax sometimes (especially this time of year). To lean in doesn’t necessarily mean to stress yourself out more. Stress comes when your inner child fights with your higher Self. When you tell your inner child to go back to sleep, you become fully aligned again.

Lean in. Get involved with your life. Feel the edges. Move things around. Love more. Connect more. Shake it up.

If you don’t, life’s just gonna sit there.

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