A philosophy of action

Photo: Yanko Peyankov

We all have a philosophy. A set of values. Some of us are conscious of what exactly it is. Some of us aren’t.

It helps to get that straightened away first. What do we deem as important? What do we deem as unimportant? And what do we deem as that fuzzy gray area that we’re still wrestling with?

What’s right? What’s wrong? What feels good? What seems like it feels good, but then feels gross afterwards?

What defines us?

This is our philosophy. Our creed. The guidelines of our life. The story we tell to the world.

Having a philosophy is great. But it only gets us so far. If we don’t put those words and thoughts into action, it’s a dead philosophy.

I can philosophize all day and live a miserable life. But what good is that?

The most important thing is to live your philosophy.

Your actions are your measuring stick. The only thing that matters. Our philosophy should consist of actions rather than empty words or lofty, fluffy ideas.

I know. This is hard. The best part about being in Crossfit (from what I’ve observed) is telling EVERYONE about it… And about your diet… And your huge gainz…

Proselytizing is easy. It feels good to the ego.

But just simply living it? This is the challenge. We must make our lives our philosophy.

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