Take it seriously, not personally

Photo: Timon Studler

I read this the other day, and it just felt right. This is how to approach your work.

Seriously. But not personally.

This is how to really enjoy what you do, no matter what stakes are on the line. From a grocery store clerk to a hostage negotiator to a UPS delivery truck driver on Christmas Eve (probably the highest-stakes job of all).

There has to be a certain heft to it — in order to get the job done at optimum levels (the serious part), but there also must be a lightness to it (the not-personally part) so as to not incur a stroke at age 40.

We have to be able to know when to immerse ourselves in the task and when to step away from it. We need to be able to play head games with ourselves when it gets really heavy.

Now, go do your thang.

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