Wanting more while being totally satisfied… Possible?


When it comes to being in the flow with life, there seems to be two major camps.

One is a sort of hedonism that says we must get the stuff. Get whatever it takes that satisfies us at the time.

The other camp says to just be happy in the moment. That happiness comes from within.

Here’s the thing… Both camps are right. But each is dead without the other.

We must hold steady to accomplishing these two seemingly opposing ideas at the same time.

To always be aiming for more while being perfectly content with where we are now — all at once.

We all have aims. Goals. Stuff we want to do. Whether that’s to achieve enlightenment inside a cave in the Himalayas with only a robe in our possession or to strike it rich, we all have stuff we want to accomplish. We’re humans. Let’s do it. Let’s make our mark.

However, as you well know, this can be a gigantic hamster wheel of achievership. More, more, more. We can easily go Gordon Gecko on the world.

So, what we must also do is situate our consciousness so as to be fully content, if not enthusiastic, with where we are now — no matter if that be a factory line or a penthouse overlooking Michigan Ave.

Being open to more while being fulfilled. This is the sweet spot.

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