The way of the trickster

What if you were invincible? Emotionally, that is…

Now, let’s keep things in perspective. Maybe ‘invincible’ isn’t the right word. We’re probably never going to reach a state where nothing bothers us. Where we’re fully detached from the outside world. Even if we could, would we want to? I wouldn’t. I like feeling stuff. Being vulnerable is healthy. Having a good cry or getting pissed every now and then is part of being human.

But we should never — ever — let anything that happens paralyze us. Taking it on the chin is a great trait to have. But getting knocked out sucks.

It’s all an inside job. Every event that happens — every hurtful word, every disturbing glance, every time you’re punched in the teeth — is filtered through consciousness. If it doesn’t happen in consciousness, it doesn’t happen.

When someone hits me — literally or figuratively — I can take the pain into deep suffering. I can create a belief from it — one of inferiority and insecurity, perhaps — and let it rule over me for the rest of my days.

Or I can be a trickster. I can let the sting go away, wipe the blood off my craw, and, realizing I’m still alive, I can laugh at it.

Ha! Did you SEE how hard that guy hit me?! That was CRAZY!

If we know how to align with ourselves instead of against ourselves, we can be like those squirmy Jiu jitsu fighters who, no matter how hard you grab them, punch them, or kick them, seem to absorb the blow, reverse your shizz, and escape.

This is the way of the trickster. The trickster sees no value in prolonged suffering. The trickster is always on her own side. Nothing is off-limits to the trickster’s shenanigans. Always looking at problems and adversity from new angles.

Nothing ever sticks to trickster. Pick a card, any card.

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