What are we really after?


Life seems like a repeating loop of jumping from one distracting goal to another. Today, I want to cut down the perfect Christmas tree. This month, I’d like to give my little girl the best holiday possible without stressing too much or spending too much money. This year, I’d like to get my finances in order and build some type of ‘thing’ from my passions. This decade, I’d like to give my little girl a healthy foundation for living while strengthening my relationship with my wife.

On levels beneath these, there’s countless micro-goals like fulfilling my sushi craving, finishing this post, staying healthy, getting fit, and cleaning the house. If we were to lay out all of our goals in life, they’d be infinite.

Subjects like the ones I’ve listed above are all things I want in life.

But honestly, I have no idea what I want out of life.

What’s that one, grand goal of living that I can wake up and set out to achieve, day after day? What is my philosophy of life?

What’s the one thing, after setting down the distractions of life, that will keep me aligned and moving in a strong, steady direction? What’s the one thing, when laying on my death bed (if I’m fortunate enough to have one) that I can look back on and say, in earnest…

“Yeah… I lived that. Every day I could.”

This is what I want to define. This is what I’m interested in right now.

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