Thanks, consciousness

This morning, my wish was fulfilled. I sat on my couch with a french press of coffee by my side, surrounded by family, and watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade in my pajamas.

It was sublime. I’m so thankful for the obvious things I should be thankful for. My health. Having a roof over my head. A few bucks in the bank. Some warm coffee in my belly. The love of a beautiful lady. And the patter of our little girl’s feet running around in her duck slippers.

But what I’m really thankful for right now is consciousness. This gift that we humans have all been given which makes our unique/mad/joyous/hilarious world go around. Without consciousness, I’d be able to react instinctively to my surroundings, driven by the lizard brain, focused on survival and procreation. But with consciousness, I can choose more. Or less. Or different.

I can look at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and I can make the choice between an infinite number of perceptions.

I can be downtrodden about the state of corporatism and commercialism that clearly runs the mass media, literally parading in front of me. I can be frightened by the up-ramping of security in a world constantly on the verge of yet another horrendous terrorist attack.

Or I can be thankful that I can afford myself the luxury of this moment right now and of all else that I have to be grateful for. I can even be thankful for the stuff I didn’t get.

I can look at my wife and little girl and I can totally stress out of my mind about our uncertain future and the way the world’s headed.

Or I can know that this grand comedic tragedy of humanity is hurtling through space towards something grander than anything I can imagine right now.

With consciousness, I can dream up a whole new story and worldview that makes this life whatever I wish. And I can change that story every day. Or every moment. And I can take steps in that direction — whichever I choose — and start building that.

Thanks, consciousness. Happy Thanksgiving.

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