Change the environment

When you cut cancer out, if the environment doesn’t change, the cancer just grows back. If the immune system is still jacked (I believe that’s the medical term for it) and the body is still weak, the cancer will likely just show right back up.

I was at a talk/musical event yesterday. These wonderful ladies from Berkeley— a duo — sang and played guitar, and then one of them gave a talk. This talk nearly drew tears to my eyes on a couple of occasions, but I, unlike others in the audience, was successful at fighting them back.

I lost both parents to cancer. It’s a soft spot. Anyhow…

Five years ago, this woman was faced with late-stage ovarian cancer. Up to that point, she’d lived an extremely healthy life. She was a yoga enthusiast from a young age. Her parents were organic farmers. She lived, what sounded like, the epitome of a Northern California hippyesque existence. This woman probably farted vegan unicorn rainbows.

Anyhow, her cancer hit her unexpectedly. Out of the blue. It got real bad real quick. Before she knew it, she was in a wheelchair, unable to talk, let alone sing, with a life expectancy of just 3%.

Being an incredibly self-aware and creative individual, this woman took her dilemma and flipped it on its head. Instead of looking at her cancer as something she had to ‘eradicate’ or ‘destroy’, she instead went the other direction. She realized that she would not live if her body was a battleground.

So, she asked the cancer what it was there for. After doing some research, and listening to her body (and Soul, of course), she realized that cancer is a chaotic event in the body that needed to reach some sort of symbiosis (she put it much more eloquently than me). She went on to realize that she had been acting in a way her entire life that seemed to say to the world, “I can do this on my own. I’ve got this. I don’t need your help. I don’t trust you”

Walls were erected to keep her safe and secure from the harsh and distrustful world she envisioned. As soon as she started to reverse this mental environment, the cancer started going away. Today, five years later, she’s cancer-free.

I have a buddy who’s a cop. One of the best, smartest people I know. As you well know, people are fired up over the ISIS situation now. I get it. He went on to say the other day that Paris doesn’t need our prayers, it needs someone to go in and root out the evil that lurks within it.

I fully agree.

But here’s the thing. My buddy might be one to go do that. Seriously, I think he’d do a fine job.

But what about when the evil is rooted out? Have we not rooted out evil before, time and time again, throughout history? And what happens?

Just like with cancer, if all we do is cut, cut, cut, the cancer keeps on coming back.

Cutting is important. My friend on stage had surgery and it sounds like she underwent the traditional procedures on cancer (don’t quote me on that, it’s just what I derived from her talk). But what’s more important is she worked her ass off on creating a healthy, harmonious environment. Even though her body was falling apart, she went within and created a safe space for her good to grow. She didn’t make her body any more of a battleground than it needed to be.

So sure, let’s cut the evil out. I’ll let people like my buddy handle the cutting. But I hope some decent focus is placed on changing the environment.

This starts with us, internally. Then it branches out to our worldview, conversations, and actions. And then, who know where it can go from there.

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