Here at the midpoint

A writing/journaling/living exercise

You’re reading this, so that means you’re probably not doing anything too important right now. You have at least a minute or three to spare.

Try doing something for me/you…

Sit down where you are and capture this scene, first in your mind, and then on paper. Don’t have paper? Use your phone or computer. Digital paper is fine. The interior wall of a bathroom stall and a key work too (just use your best judgement). Whatever is in front of you, use it.

I’m guessing you’re thinking this moment is… boring. I mean, hell, you’re reading one of my posts. Hopefully your newborn child isn’t being born. You’re likely not crossing the finish line in a marathon or beating your personal best on the golf course.

But as boring as this moment seems, right now, even though you may not realize it, you’re standing on sacred ground.

Right here is the midpoint of the movement of your life.

Write down what’s going on both around you and inside you.

Waiting for your flight? Perfect. Write down what you think the lady across from you is going through. The one who looks like she’s going to burst at the seams with stress as she violently swipes and taps the screen of her phone. How about that kid over there? What’s he going through? What are you going through? What do you WANT to tell your boss? What could you say to your wife that would make everything okay, but you’ve been too stubborn and shielded to say? Feeling fine? Awesome! Why?

Get it down. This is now. Grab it. Look at it. Play with it.

There. I just did it. Took me 5 minutes. Check it out here.

Why? Because you CAN, that’s why!

Think about it. This, right now, is the infinite, ever-present open moment of possibility. I know it sounds like empty, fluffy words, but this is a big deal, friend.

Throughout your entire life up until this point, all of your decisions, words, and actions have lead you to this very place right now. It’s like a portal of potentiality.

Life zooms by like a blur. Like flying by that one majestic oak tree on the train. It catches your eye as you gaze up from your phone. You see it’s potential beauty as you approach it. Wow. You focus in. And then, as soon as you get close enough to really see it, it’s a smudge of yellow before it disappears.

Now is your chance to get off the damn train. Stop the train right now and look at that thing. How incredible is THAT?!

This is the center of our lives. We are always in the eye of the hurricane. We are ever in that quiet place in the center of life. Whether we’re kneeling in prayer or falling off a bar stool, this is our moment.

The only moment we’ll ever have. Capture it.

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