Clarity comes through engagement, not contemplation: A Wal-Mart lesson

Get your hands in there. Get those knuckles dirty.

Fondle and grope your way through it.

Through what, you may be asking?

You know what I’m talking about. That thing you’ve been putting off but that keeps pulling at you. You try to rationalize it away, but it comes back. Taunting you.

It seems daunting, I know. Confusing.

How are you going to do it?
How, exactly, will it unfold?
What if they laugh at you?
What if they all… Laugh at you?

You don’t sit down and ‘plan out’ every move of your trip to Wal-Mart, do you?

And when you get there, you don’t sit down on the crusty bench between the carnie working the door and the angry mother yelling at her kid for eating the entire box of Little Debbie cream pies straight out of the carton, planning your route and predicting every move, right?

No! You jump in and take that store DOWN. They’re open 24/7 and they have EVERYTHING you need. You just hand-sanitize the ‘control bar’ (my term) of that squeaky cart and EXECUTE.

Sure, Wal Mart is confusing. You don’t know if they’ve moved the batteries (again) or if you’ll get behind a questionably violent ex-fugitive in line that you may need to fend off. You don’t know how aggressive the Girl Scouts’ sales tactics are going to be this time. Last time, they surrounded you. Never before have you had to channel your inner Jason Bourne to escape such a prickly situation.

(Yeah, I saw you at Wal-Mart the other day. Don’t act like you don’t shop there.)

Let the confusion drive you into action, not contemplation. Get moving. Movement clears the smoke and calls the problem-solving, miracle-making parts of your being into action.

Your mind is like a guided missile. It uses the negative feedback to reroute itself into kill-mode (in a good, life-affirming way — not a blow-people-up kind of way — unless that’s your thing).

Get in there, amigo. Push that cart to the promised land. And get out of there alive.

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